Color Affection

My shawl had the time to dry during the night after some severe blocking.

It will be a birthday present for my mum who turns 71 this month.

Can you imagine this pattern is in 11’350 project pages on Ravelry and that number just keeps growing day after day.
That is soooo impressive, don’t you think! Now I’m just one amongst those 11’350.

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Malabrigo Tosh Light
Nld 4mm

Wet blocking

I finished the knitting on my Color Affection today, I wet blocked it and now it’s drying. I couldn’t wait to show some first pictures but more will follow.


I’ve never made a project where the blocking was as essential as on this one.

Actually, I think I should have used a more stretchy stitch for the inside edge as apparently many others did. In order to get it right, I decided to give it some severe blocking.

Here is how I did the blocking, which is what I normally do for lace and shawl projects.


I first soaked it for about 25 minutes in luke water. Then I gently pressed it without twisting and rolled it in a towel to absorb the excess water.
Then I flattened it on a mat and blocked it using blocking wire and T-pins. I used ultra fine blocking wire for the curved edge.

It’s always so much worth the effort!

Reflected Lines

This is my third test knit this year and I confess feeling some relief not having another knitting deadline in front of me.

But this one was absolutely worth it!!

I didn’t hesitate a second when Suvi was calling out for testers to knit this beautiful pattern.

I love love love stripes!

I also love the construction of this pattern.

It’s an open cardigan worked from top down and it has an assymetric hem and a shawl collar in garter stitch (LOT’s of stitches …).

Suvi also made me discover a great yarn branch Eden Cottage Yarns.

I used their Bowland DK 100% wool.
It’s very soft and light.
Let’s wait and see how it will stand the wear and tear, but I think it will be fine.

I see great potential for this pattern. It perfectly stood the test.

Test? What test?

Well, my daughter immediately stole it from me as soon as she saw it finished!
I makes me believe very very strongly that success is guaranteed Suvi!

If you have a Ravelry account, more pictures can be seen here and perhaps you can add this to your favorites if you like my project. Thank you :-)




Eden Cottage Yarns – Bowland DK
Nld 3.5mm and 4 mm

Images of early spring

We had some exceptionally high temperatures last weekend and spring was clearly in the air. And it went on for the entire week.

I guess I could say we didn’t get a winter this year, but just a very loooooong autumn with a lot of rain and wind.

No wonder we simply got pushed outside.

We visited Veere, a very small town in the Netherlands close to the Belgian border with an almost disproportional big church.
Veere is mainly famous for its marinas and beaches and a little paradise for sailors.


Every house in Veere is like an attraction on itself and even more so with a sky so deeply blue.




We sat at a terrace, protected from the cool breeze coming from the sea and enjoyed the first warmth on our skin.
I could have stayed there for hours (which we did).

… sipping fresh mint tea …

… enjoying the first signs of spring:
the greens are becoming more and more intense under that first very bright, almost blinding sunlight …


… daffodils, my favorite flowers, will all open it in the days to come …



… it makes me dream of many warmer days to come …




Birthday weekend

I have been spoilt this weekend. It already started on Friday, which was my birthday.

My three children – two boys and one girl – gave me this beautiful necklace that I just wanted to share here. Top choice kids!



From my husband I got a great headset. I love listening to radio programs in a very concentrated way, which can become challenging when you’re five in the house.

Both my parents and my sister gave me these fantastic cooking books with recipes for exactly my kind of food: lots of vegetables, plenty of flavor and easy and quick to make.



We also had an absolutely great weekend with beautiful weather and exceptionally high temperatures for this time of year. What a perfect setting for my birthday weekend.

Waves cardigan

Here’s another FO I wanted to show you.

The links I’m including in this post will only be accessible if you have a Ravelry account.
But, since Ravelry just hit 4.000.000 members recently, there’s a big chance you’re one of them.
Ravelry is like Alibaba’s cave to me and I’m spending too much time on it, but can’t resist.
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I wanted to show you this cardigan.




It’s a lovely testknit I made for Nadja from Schneckenstrick Design.
This pattern was really well written, very clear to follow and even the description itself was nice to look at.

I made small modifications by shortening both the body and the sleeves, to give it a more casual look.

Madelinetosh DK
Nld 4mm and 5mm

The reason why I named my blog February Twelve

Let’s celebrate!



Dear P,
Congratulations, Sweet Sixteen!
Love you so much! So happy to have you!
Today is your day!
Did I ever say thank you for bringing humor and laughter into our lives!
Did I ever say thank you for your gift of bringing peace and quietness in hectic moments!
Did I ever say thank you for your talent of understanding without words!
My dearest P, THANK YOU for who you are, you have turned into a wonderful young man.
You will always be other’s best friend.


Dear M,
Congratulations, Sweet Sixteen!
Love you so much! I’m so happy to have you around!
Today is your day!
Let me say thank you for the never ending smile on your face, already from your earliest days!
Let me say thank you for all your friendliness, sweetness, helpfulness.
These are the qualities everyone immediately sees, and I’m so proud!
My dearest M, THANK you for the person you have become, a beautiful young girl!
You will always bring happiness to so many people.


Dear J,
Congratulations, my “baby boy”!
Love you so much! I’m so proud of you!
Today is your day! Fourtheen already!
Thank you for bringing spice and dynamism into our lives!
Thank you for saving us from boredom.
Thank you for the atlete you are!
Thank you for sprinting your way through live, it’s a great quality!
You even hurried up getting born!
You were due on February 16th, but you didn’t want to miss your sister and brother’s birthday party!
My dearest J, THANK YOU for the fantastic young man you have become!Y
You will always be surrounded by loads of friends.


Thank you to the three of you, for turning this day into the most important day of our life, a triple birthday party.
As I said before, it will go on for years and years and years and nothing can take this away!