Knitting Freyja with unspun wool

Using unspun icelandic wool, “Plötulopi”, for the first time. I’d never heard of it before until I discovered the pattern for this cardigan at Shopicelandic.

If you’d like to use unspun wool, first read the warning:

Don’t be hard on the unspun Lopi… it breaks easily so knit in a relaxed and gentle way. If however it happens, don’t panic, just pull out the ends and lay them gently together or rub them a little bit between your palms. Knit on!

Warnings like this REALLY get me going!

It was a great experience. And yes, the yarn easily breaks at the smallest resistance. But it’s also fluffy and so it sticks very well together. The result is both soft, strong and light.


Nld 4,5 mm



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