My watermelon sweater

This pattern is called Gná and was created by an Islandic designer with a difficult name : Ásta Guðrún Jóhannsdóttir.

Once again I used Icelandic Lòpi wool. Although this yarn might look and feel a bit itchy at first, it becomes quite soft once it has been soaked in luke water.

This red color wasn’t easy to catch on photograph but in combination with the green it comes very close to watermelon colors. There’s the perfect name for my own version of Gná.




Léttlopi 1405
Léttlopi 1408
Nld 4,5 mm

Project by February Twelve @ Ravelry


11 thoughts on “My watermelon sweater

    • You are absolutely right! The pattern was easy, very well explained and I especially liked the ribs on the sides and the back, it’s a nice detail.
      Thank you so much for your design and please continue.

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