Knitting or enjoying Flanders’ nature ?

I can’t spend all of my leisure time on knitting, can I? What a pleasure to have this long bank holiday weekend.

When I am not knitting, or blogging, or reading, I enjoy a long walk in the countryside.

Just enjoying…
…changing skies…
…how the wind is moving the grasses…
…how the fields are ready for summer…

Spring is fully bursting out now.

I simply had to share it …



7 thoughts on “Knitting or enjoying Flanders’ nature ?

    • Yes, you’re right, we also have our nice landscapes, we just don’t always notice them and for sure they are nothing compared to Alaska … “Pastoral” is a very appropriate and positive description. Lovely to hear how people from miles and miles away see my own little place.
      And you are so right about the sky, I love watching the sky and the clouds more and more.
      Thank you for your nice comment Shelly!

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