Afghan blanket

This blanket has been the main cause of bringing my old hobby of knitting back and it’s getting rather serious.

One day, during a Christmas holiday, I felt the real urge to use some of my stash and so I picked up my hook and started off with just one little granny square. At that stage I didn’t have any plan, it was just for fun. But then I made another one, and another one, and another one …. and after a total of 32 hours of crochet – don’t worry, I also got some sleep – it turned into a blanket.

From one thing came the other. After finishing this blanket, my next project was a knitting project and it hasn’t stopped since.

I used five colors randomly and repeated them again in the border.






15 thoughts on “Afghan blanket

  1. Thank you for making me feel normal. I started knitting on the whim but following a very strong urge too. I’ve been feeling a bit odd about repeating that to others!

    • Until now, I was unfamiliar with both Kool-aid and Barney! We don’t know them in Belgium. So I looked it up and immediately understood when I saw the images. You just made a very precise comparison. Thanks!!

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