Beaded Kerchief

This free pattern on Ravelry by Orange Flower has already about 4.500 realized projects and is queued another 6,500 times ! Speaking of a successful pattern … I totally agree with the success, it’s a very simple and easy project, except for its name perhaps “The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief”.

I’ve added some beads into every 4th eyelet. I didn’t want to put more, because I was afraid they’d give too much weight. At first I had some troubles placing the beads. I tried to place them with a crochet hook (1mm), but either the hook splitted the yarn or the hook didn’t pass the whole of the bead. So, I did some research on You-Tube tutorials and ended up with the “dental-floss method” which I finally adopted. Never thought dental-floss could do the trick …






Malabrigo Sock Yarn
Nld 4mm


18 thoughts on “Beaded Kerchief

    • I feel very honored because I adore your blog!! I had some troubles placing the beads at first, but I’m pleased with the result. Thanks for your lovely comment!

    • I loved adding the beads, but I was careful with the quantities because I didn’t want to overdo it.
      I’m happy you like it and happy to see that you think it’s special😀😀, that’s a great compliment.
      Have a nice day!

    • Thanks! I enjoyed it a lot, it was a quick and easy project. This pattern seems to be an enormous success story at Ravelry – already more than 4500 projects. Amazing, isn’t it ?
      If you decide on making one (perhaps you already did), I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as well.
      All the best.

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