Norway # 1

Visiting the Norwegian fjords had been on our wish list of “places to see” for a long time. The fjords are one of the most spectacular geological phenomenons I have seen. They were formed thousands of years ago by erosion when the glaciers melted down. Even on grey and rainy days, the beauty of nature is all around. Some of these places made me think of places around the Mediterranean Sea. But the nice and cool freshness of the typical Norwegian summer always reminds you.


9 thoughts on “Norway # 1

  1. I love Scandinavia, and it’s been too long since I was last there:( never visited the fjords so that is an absolute must next time:) lovely fotos of a stunning country.

    • The region around Bergen is indeed stunning. It is fascinating to see how such enormous surfaces were formed by ancient glaciers. There is so much more of Scandinavia I would love to see, like the South of Norway (around Stavanger) with the typical white wooden houses and obviously the North must be another great experience, nature is even more wild and breathtaking over there. Then there is also Sweden and Finland and even Iceland. As you can see, my wish list keeps getting longer and longer …
      Thanks for your comment about the pictures, there will be more to come over the next days. Enjoy your day!

    • Nature is very overwhelming over there, there is little pollution and not a lot of visible industry in the region around Bergen. Most people have left traditional jobs like fishing, working on boats or in the forests, but are now re-oriented towards the gas- and oil industry. Hopefully that won’t affect their great nature on the long term. Thank you so much for reading, commenting and liking! 😀

    • Thank you so much Dina, I absolutely loved yours as well! I will go back to it immediately, because you have made me very curious about the location of your Norwegian summer.
      Have a great sunny Sunday!
      Love, Febr12

      • Aach, the Archipelago of Hvaler is so gorgeous.:-)
        Aren’t we lucky to actually see the beauty around us? I ‘m afraid the gobal sickneess of having the eyes glued to the smartphone all the time makes you blind to what is actually next to you. I’m so glad I’ve found a kindred soul in you! ♥
        Big hug

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