Norway # 2

There is a saying that “the grass is always greener on the other side”. I think it’s absolutely true for Norway and it’s not only limited to the greens!

A very typical Norwegian color is oxblood red. They use it for their wooden houses (but also yellow and white), their green roof bus stops and charming mailbox shelters.

The air and the water are so pure and limpid and there is still little pollution. In our cottage we could drink water coming straight from the mountains, just filtered. We wouldn’t dream of doing this at home.

I loved admiring the moss that had sometimes totally covered fallen trees or small stone walls. With a little imagination I saw the perfect environment for trolls …


2 thoughts on “Norway # 2

  1. What beautiful photographs. I’d never thought about how common that red colour is. The one time I’ve been to Norway, I kept thinking I was in the Pacific Northwest of the USA, where I grew up. Obviously the Scandinavian influence in America has been huge!
    Lovely shawl, too.

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