And my nominations for the Liebster Award go to … ?

To my great joy I have recently been nominated for the Liebster Award by both Monsteryarns and Soknitsome.

I confess that after about five months of blogging I still get thrilled and excited when other people appreciate what I’m doing. Sometimes it can really make my day! So thank you again Monsteryarns and Soknitsome for nominating me.

Liebster Award

Receiving an award is also a bit of work. I looked into the rules of the Liebster Award which seem to have varied overtime and have even become flexible.
1. Post the award on your blog.
2. Thank the blogger who presented this award and link back to their blog.
3. Nominate (number between 5 and 11) bloggers who you feel deserve this award.
4. Answer (number between 5 and 11) questions posted by the presenter and ask your nominees (number between 5 and 11) questions.

I will first answer the questions I received from Monsteryarns, because that nomination came first :

1. Knitting or Crochet and why?
At this moment I prefer knitting, but I actually like both. I think knitting is more appropriate for a wide range of clothing projects, but I would probably chose crochet for home accessories.

2. Cats or Dogs and why?
Cats, because they are so independent and there is something very cosy about them.

3. Three items you couldn’t be without on a Desert Island.
A knife to defend myself, to eat, to carve and to craft.
A magnifying glass to make a fire.
A radio that runs on sun energy to remain in contact with the outside world or even better, anything else that would allow interactivity.

4. Do you have brothers/sisters or are you an only child?
I have one sister who is two years younger than I am.

5. Why blog?
I like to share similar passions and interests with other people and at the same time stay somehow discrete when it comes to myself or my family members.

6. Are you a glass-half-empty or glass-half-full person?
I believe this depends strongly on the circumstances. I can clearly become a very “glass-half-full-person” about lots of things, but my perfectionism and anxiety sometimes pushes me towards “a glass-half-empty” person.

7. Should a man turn the toilet seat down or do you not care?
Most important thing is, that it’s clean after his visit.

8. Do you still hand-write letters?
Every summer I write to my children when they are off on a summer camp in the forest.

I will now answer the questions I received from Soknitsome.

1. Are you a monogamous crafter or surrounded by WIPs?
As far as knitting is concerned I usually have two to three WIP’s. I try not to have any more than that.

2. How did you learn to do your craft?
I have no souvenir of anyone ever teaching me how to knit or to crochet. I learned most of it myself by watching others and reading patterns.

3. Do you craft alone or with others?
I’m mostly crafting alone and I would love to craft with others but unfortunately there isn’t any group nearby.

4. Do you have other creative talents? Which?
I also love embroidery, ceramics, flower arrangements, gardening, … and when the focus is right, sometimes cooking.

5. If you had 25 hours in a day, what would you do with the extra hour?
The extra hour wouldn’t make a difference I think, but I often have the feeling that need much more lives. I would make a professional life for each craft, but some “careers” would be longer than others.

6. Bricks-and-mortar or online shopping?
I like online shopping, so quick and easy. But recently I ordered some yarn from Ireland and the package got lost! What a disaster. It probably won’t keep me away from on-line shopping.

7. Do you prefer paper books or e-books?
Difficult, one year ago I would have said paper without hesitating, but slowly but surely I’m discovering the benefits of e-book reading.

8. What is your favourite place and why?
My living room on wednesday mornings, it’s my free day, and it’s the only time the house is nice and quiet. I love spending those wednesday mornings with my knitting, a nice cup of coffee or tea and listening to my favorite music or radio program.

9. What’s the strangest place you’ve ever knitted or crafted?
I can’t think of any strange place.

10. Are the blogs you follow craft-related, friends’ blogs, a mix of the two, or something different?
Most of them are craft-related, but also blogs about nature, seasons and photography.

11. What have you learned from blogging?
I have learned that some of the contacts, sometimes with people from the other side of the world, come very close to true friendship.

And here are the bloggers I nominate in an alphabetic order. But before I do this, I would like to mention that I was nominated for the WordPress Family Award only a very short time ago and therefore I am now nominating different bloggers. Congratulations to all of you! Each of you has caught my attention at one point by something you wrote, by an image you made, by a project you finished, … and it’s my wish that many other people will discover your great blog too.

1. Carly in stitches
2. Harmonic Oscillator Knits
3. Iknead2knit
4. Just my sweet corner
5. Little black dog
6. Miki Kuwabara
7. Not just knitting
8. Rød tråd
9. Seattle Spinner
10. Stockinette
11. Weestorybook

And finally, here are my 11 questions :
1. Since how long have you been blogging and how long do you think you will continue?
2. Do you have any do’s and don’ts in mind for your own blog?
3. Do your friends and family know you have a blog?
4. How many time do you spend on blogging?
5. Do you use other social media?
6. What are your three main qualities?
7. How does your ideal beautiful day look like?
8. How does your dream job look like?
9. Do you set yourself any goals when crafting? How?
10. What’s the name of your most successful recipe?
11. Have you made any plans for a next trip?


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