Special requirements on “Jón”

If you want to knit something for your teenaged kid, you know in advance there is a risk it won’t be according to the book and you will have to deal with special requirements. I can live with that and prefer knowing them before getting started.

We all love scandinavian sweaters in our family and so I promised my son to make him one.  We picked out an islandic pattern called “Jón“.  That was the easiest part.

Then came the adaptations.

1) The pattern was designed for adults so I reduced the size “S” by only casting on 150 stitches instead of 162 stitches to make it a size “XS”.

2) My sweet boy thought the sweater would look much nicer only having the colorwork at the bottom and at the sleeves, but not in the yoke.  I kind of agree.  Sometimes those patterns can be a bit over the top.

All finished, all loose ends weaved in and put together.  Check.

As you know, traditional scandinavian sweaters are knit in the round.  I worked the yoke in the round – that is without(!) the colorwork – but that also means there’s no difference between front and back.

3) Could I still fix it, please please please mum?  Of course I can, but it’s not something I like doing especially not when the sweater is all finished. Didn’t like that part.

I made this sweater in spring and I was happy using summer as an excuse to let the fixing wait.  Last sunday I decided to take it up again, and added three short rows in the back. I was surprised to see it didn’t take that much time, at least not as much as I thought it would.

He’s all happy now (so am I) and calls it his favorite sweater.  I actually think it looks great on him.


Nld 4,5 mm


23 thoughts on “Special requirements on “Jón”

  1. Wow! Perfect looking sweater. Your son seems a natural in it. That doesn’t often happen with hand knits and teens. Great job!

    • Oh thanks, I’ll tell him!! He’ll love to hear that (so do I). It’s true, you never know with teens, but I trust on it that he’ll continue to like it.
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. WHOA. That is a fantastic looking sweater!! Putting the colorwork at the bottom is genius! I’ve always thought that colorwork around the yoke wouldn’t look quite right for my guys, but I think they would love a sweater made like this. I’m inspired!

    • Thanks!! The avantage with teens is that they know exactly(!) what they want. Actually, the original pattern had the colorwork at the bottom and the sleeves (and the yoke), so the credit is not mine.
      I’m happy to hear it inspired you – or your guys 🙂

      • After I left my comment, I looked at the original pattern and saw that it had the colorwork at the bottom and the sleeves. But still! You were genius to leave it off the yoke – your version just looks so much cooler. I am really looking forward to making something similar for my fellas.

  3. Oh, how well I remember the “teenage mods” when my daughter was younger. Not that it has changed. She is now 24, and still insists that I knit for her, but to her “mod specs”. I do it with a smile, at least I know that she will wear it. 🙂
    You did an excellent job, I love the colour combinations.

    • I think your daughter recognizes the great knitter in you! That’s nice, isn’t it?
      I like to knit for my kids too and I think it’s rewarding seeing them wear the things I made. But I suppose that’s a typical “mum” thing.
      Thanks for your nice comment, as always!
      I hope you’re feeling a little bit better after the sad loss of your cat.

  4. Wat een enorm toeval dat we allebei aan hetzelfde patroon werken zeg?! Mijn zoon wil wél de ingebreide ronde pas. Gelukkig maar want ik vind dat het leukste stuk om te breien aan een IJslandse trui! Hopelijk bevalt het hem als hij af is. Jouw exemplaar is ook er leuk en stoer geworden.

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