Mystery KAL Color Craving

I just finished my first KAL ever. I signed up end of August and immediately knew I was going to use Madelinetosh Tosh Light for this. It appeared to be a good choice, but then again, how could one ever be disappointed about choosing Madelinetosh …

I couldn’t wait for the first Clue to arrive. Clue one seemed to involve some serious knitting and so after clue one I was already largely behind on schedule. I remembered my lovely friend from Rodtrad’s warnings about September and October being busy months – which is absolutely true in my life as well – and about not wanting to miss a deadline, at least when you are a bit of a perfectionist.





Although I had promised myself NOT to follow the deadlines, I was happy to catch up during Clue two and three. These were really quick.

Then came Clue four and I had to make a decision on the edging: picot or i-cord bind off. I followed Stephen West’s recommendations on the picot edging, but I really had a hard time figuring that one out. No matter how many different ways I tried, my picots were enormous and anything but elegant. There was no comparison between my picots and the lovely edges from other members.

But hey, I wasn’t going to give up now and so I kept trying and after watching some tutorials on You-Tube I finally understood the “K2togtbl”, which was new to me. The good news is that after literally hundreds and hundreds of picots, I’ll probably remember it FOREVER!

At first I was puzzled by the wholes, but I totally grew in love with them.

You can see more pictures on my Ravelry project page.

Nld 4mm
Madelinetosh Tosh Light
Antique Lace


13 thoughts on “Mystery KAL Color Craving

  1. Beautifully worked,as always.The colours are perfect for this,I’ve been watching the progression of the many others on the ravelry group for this project,it’s been intriguing watching them develop,your picot edges look perfect to me.

    • I’m happy with my picot edges now, I think they finally look how they’re supposed to look, but it was a bit of a struggle.
      It took me a while to find out that doing a “knit two together through the back loop-bind off” you have to put that stitch BACK on the left needle. Anyway, I’m happy I’ve learned something new again!
      Many thanks Julie for reading and for your nice comment!

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