Wandering the Moor

I have a new FO to show you.


It’s called Wandering the Moor designed by Celeste Glassel.

I started this project as a destash project.

I still had some unspun Icelandic wool and about 6 skeins of fantasy yarn called Samina by Gedifra. The Samina yarn has a very nice silvery sparkle in it and it’s ideal for adding an extra detail. But 6 skeins is a lot for just details, so I needed a project with a big part of detail.

Lace perhaps?




Both yarns were left overs from this Freya cardigan.


When you look closely at the edgings of the sleeves you can see the fine sparkle.


I believe there is a difference between destash projects and the other ones. It’s about the order of making choices.

For this shawl, I started off with the yarn and then looked for a pattern, whereas I would normally go the other way around.

But let there be no mistake about this. Obviously I really liked the pattern from the first moment I saw it!

I think the contrasting stitch definitions of both yarns work really well and so do the tone-to-tone colors.




My daughter just told me this morning it would probably perfectly match her winter coat…

MMmmm, really? I suppose I understood the message …

Unspun Icelandic Wool
Gedifra Samina
Nld 4,5mm


20 thoughts on “Wandering the Moor

  1. Very beautiful knitted work on both sweater and shawl. The projects and the yarns go together perfectly. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. I like it very much, both the yarn and the colour. I’m sure it will a very cosy wear for those cold days ahead!
    PS It seems that I can’t open the Ravelry project page that it’s being linked here from – is the project accessible to the public? The link URL in the link would seem to indicate that this is not the case, as public projects normally have a shortened URL 🙂

      • First of all many thanks for your lovely comment. I also think it will be a very cosy wear.. I’m really pleased about the way it turned out.
        Also many thanks for your vigilance and I really appreciate it that you let me know.
        I’ve checked it again and it looks okay as you said so in your second message. Thanks again anyway.
        Enjoy the evening in London (I think). Here, at about 25 km from Brussels, we are having our first very foggy day.

      • Thank you for your kind reply 🙂
        With the first fog arriving, it’s a very good time to have such a cosy pretty shawl.
        I see your project is very popular, well deserved indeed!

  3. I love the shawl. The yarn and pattern are perfect together. I am seriously making a mental note to also knit this stunning shawl.
    And the details on the sweater is even prettier.
    You knit like a dream and truely inspire me to do even more.
    Thanks and take care.

  4. That is a very clever use of two leftover batches of wool! You’d think it had been designed especially for that purpose. Well done – no wonder your daughter is eyeing it up!

    • I always like to play around with color, with different yarns of different structure, etc.
      I would love to take a good look in your hybernating pile, especially if it contains the same projects as mine:-)

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