Enchanted Mesa

If you are looking for a pattern that will bring fun and adventure from the start and even already in the preparation phase, I’ve found it! The pattern is called Enchanted Mesa by Stephen West.

Here is how Stephen West describes the pattern

“This sweater is definitely for the playful and adventurous knitters out there. Stitch gauge is your starting point, but it’s not meant to be a tightly fitted and tailored pullover. It’s meant to be spontaneous, improvisational, and fun.”

That totally got me going and every word of this promise came true.



The fun already started weeks before the actual cast on, just by putting apart some yarns from my stash, combining colors again and again and meanwhile following and getting inspired by the projects from others. How great to see how just one “adventurous” pattern can lead to so many different outcomes.

I decided to use fingering weight yarn, most of it is Madelinetosh Tosh Light. It’s really a coincidence that I used some leftovers from another great Stephen West project “Color Craving“. That’s why both projects have a look of similarity. How nice knowing that running out of one yarn would had no other consequence than just grabbing another ball and keep knitting.

This project took me slightly out of my comfort zone and for once I really closely checked my gauge. Usually I don’t make a gauge and I just trust on my experience, but I thought it was too risky. Especially because the construction of this sweater isn’t exactly “your average”. At one point I thought the fingering weight would make the project too small, but with some small modifications it perfectly fitted my size (XS).




I had nothing but fun with this project, thank you Stephen for this great design!

Madelinetosh Tosh Light
Nld 4 mm


18 thoughts on “Enchanted Mesa

  1. Wow its so fun – this is the second version I’ve seen of the sweater and I must say it’s so going on my (never-ending) list. It’s so cool – much nicer on your blog (and a swedish one I saw) then the version Stephen West has on on Ravelry.

  2. can you tell us what modifications you made? Your sweater is gorgeous and fits you so well! I’m gathering stash right now. Mostly interested in the second sleeve placement. Thanks!

    • Hi,
      Thank you so much
      You can find all of my modifications on my project page on Ravelry, also for the sleeves.
      As far as the length of the sleeves is concerned, I tried it on several times to check. Hopefully this can help.
      Happy knitting😊
      Have a nice weekend!

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