Sunday afternoon on the vineyard and orchard trail

Last Sunday we had a beautiful sunny winter day.



Other places in the world have been suffering from extremely hard winter conditions, but we’ve hardly had any frost in Belgium. Not a single snowflake neither – it’s not that I mind …

Last Sunday we went for a lovely walk on an old vineyard trail. Some of the vineyards are surrounded by an old brick wall back from the beginning of the 19th century. I know, “vineyard” probably isn’t the first thing crossing your mind thinking of Belgium. At a 45 minutes drive from where I live some good quality white wine is produced on a limited scale.

Apart from the small vineyards, the trail also took us to beautiful orchards providing mainly apples, pears, peaches.




I love the scenery of vineyards and orchards, no matter what season. I think there is something beautifully architectural about the symmetric rows that are shaping the landscape. I love the kind of peaceful rhythm, it’s so tranquil.

This is my way of looking at nature, this is what my eyes see.

Along the trail, the sweetest smell of apples came to us and the low standing sun made these fallen apples brighten up and look attractive.

Hope you can also see and enjoy the absolute beauty of these half rotten apples.



At the end of our walk we noticed this charming little chapel, we have loads of these on the Belgian countryside.


13 thoughts on “Sunday afternoon on the vineyard and orchard trail

    • Thank you so much, you’re comments are always so nice. Yes, I wonder too and I also why the apples weren’t any further gone by this time.
      Have a nice weekend!

    • Hi there,
      I really like people like you who’re telling me what they enjoy seeing.
      It makes me look through your eyes as well.
      I think there is so much beauty surrounding us, no matter where one lives, but in places with a dense population like here, we don’t always realise this.
      Take care!!

  1. I always love to see how it looks in other places, especially if I cannot get there.
    You are right, beauty is always around us, we must just see. We look, but we do not always see.
    You take care as well. 🙂

  2. I love the vineyards in winter. The shapes of the vines; their silhouettes against the steely skies, all in rows conforming to the contours of the land…these things remind me of growing up in the Sonoma Valley. Lovely!

  3. What a beautiful post! I too love seeing nature in all weathers and I love seeing what the day to day is like in other countries and cultures. Your knitting is absolutely wonderful too, I can only dream that one day I will make a bigger garment, hopefully if I ever do, it might look as nice as yours. Thanks you for following me, I shall find you on Ravelry too.

  4. En ik vraag me af… waar ligt dat pad? We zijn grote fans van grootse schoonheid in kleine dingen en bij het minste streepje zon in weekenden informeert mijn 6 jarige dochter ‘of we niet beter nog eens gaan wandelen?’…. Ze (het zijn in totaal 2 dochters) zouden erg onder de indruk zijn van dit stukje land.

    Net zoals ik trouwens onder de indruk ben je breiwerken! Wow.

    Geniet nog van je dag,


    • Wat leuk om hier eens iets in het Nederlands te ontvangen.
      Het is de Wijngaardberg wandering in Rotselaar, een echte aanrader.
      Fijn dat je langskwam, dank je wel voor je leuke commentaar.
      Geniet nog van het weekend😉

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