Countdown #1

Join me in doing the countdown until February 12.


Only 1 day away from February 12, which is a VERY special day for me. It’s that special that I named my blog after this date February Twelve.

Come back tomorrow and read why.

Before you get your hopes up too high or before you get carried away :

No, it’s not some wild and crazy story …
No, it’s nothing adventurous …
No, it’s nothing spectacular …

Sorry if I just disappointed you.

What else can I tell you?

No, it’s not unique but it’s exceptional.

And what about these:

Yes, it’s time to celebrate!
Yes, it’s party time!
Yes, every next February 12 will be as important as the previous one!
Yes, it will go on for years and years and years, into the next generation.
Yes, nothing can take this away!
Yes, I am sharing this day with some people that are really important to me!

Bye bye for now and see you tomorrow!


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