Images of early spring

We had some exceptionally high temperatures last weekend and spring was clearly in the air. And it went on for the entire week.

I guess I could say we didn’t get a winter this year, but just a very loooooong autumn with a lot of rain and wind.

No wonder we simply got pushed outside.

We visited Veere, a very small town in the Netherlands close to the Belgian border with an almost disproportional big church.
Veere is mainly famous for its marinas and beaches and a little paradise for sailors.


Every house in Veere is like an attraction on itself and even more so with a sky so deeply blue.




We sat at a terrace, protected from the cool breeze coming from the sea and enjoyed the first warmth on our skin.
I could have stayed there for hours (which we did).

… sipping fresh mint tea …

… enjoying the first signs of spring:
the greens are becoming more and more intense under that first very bright, almost blinding sunlight …


… daffodils, my favorite flowers, will all open it in the days to come …



… it makes me dream of many warmer days to come …





2 thoughts on “Images of early spring

    • You’re welcome. If ever you would be close to Belgium I would be happy to show you around 🙂
      But in the meantime, I’ll keep posting pictures from the places I like.

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