Color Affection

My shawl had the time to dry during the night after some severe blocking.

It will be a birthday present for my mum who turns 71 this month.

Can you imagine this pattern is in 11’350 project pages on Ravelry and that number just keeps growing day after day.
That is soooo impressive, don’t you think! Now I’m just one amongst those 11’350.

If you have a Ravelry account you can click here to see more pictures.




Malabrigo Tosh Light
Nld 4mm


13 thoughts on “Color Affection

  1. I have this project saved on Ravelry and have yet to start it, the shawl is beautiful and whimsical, I love how yours turned out! I am amazed every time you post at how lovely your projects are. Keep up the inspiring!

    • Oh you are so sweet. Color Affection is a strong pattern, not quick but absolutely worth all the effort.
      Thank you for your nice words about my posts. It really makes me happy if somehow I can inspire others who are sharing the same passions.

  2. Beautiful! I have yet to overcome my dislike to garter stitch to do a whole shawl in it, but I really love the versions I have seen. Your soft greys and pinks is gorgeous.

    • Many thanks! It is a very strong pattern I think, so I totally understand it’s in your queue as well.
      The only thing I would change is a more stretchy edging at the neck.
      Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. That’s an absolutely beautiful piece of work. And I love looking through people’s versions of it on Ravelry. It’s amazing how one pattern can look so different in different yarns.

    • Thank you! Yes, you’re right. It’s amazing how amongst thousands of projects not two look exactly the same. It’s part of the fun of knitting.

    • THX! You are absolutely right, I think this pattern is a must for knitters.
      This one is for my mum, but I’m seriously thinking about making one for myself šŸ™‚

  4. Wauw, wat mooi geworden. Ik heb dit patroon ook gebreid maar ben er niet zo heel tevreden over. De rand is te strak geworden….

    Wat heb je trouwens de laatste tijd een prachtige breiwerken laten zien op je blog. Erg inspirerend!

    • Ik ben het volledig met je eens dat de rand van “Color Affection” wat te strak is. Ik vind het patroon wel heel mooi en misschien maak ik hem nog eens maar met een andere meer “stretchy” rand.
      Dank je wel voor mijn andere breisels. Ja, ik ben redelijk bezig geweest op het breifront.
      Veel plezier met de dingen die je doet.

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