Granada and the closest I got to knitting

I was a bit surprised not to come across one single LYS in Granada. Trust me, I would NOT have missed it if I’d passed one.

This is as close as I got to knitting or to yarn, apart from what I took with me of course.

Isn’t it beautiful how these handwoven tapestries are really lightening up the whole street with their bright colors.


This cute little window immediately caught my eye. Isn’t it charming?


It’s crochet and it’s really well done, especially the ones in the middle that are really refined.

Last summer we went to Norway and I decided – ???!!! – to leave my knitting and my needles at home.

Major mistake!

Normally I make my own decisions. But my mother talked me into it and advised us to just enjoy each other’s company, not having the kids with us and leaving our busy lives behind for once.

There is some sense in that too, no?

I bitterly regretted it almost every single day we were in Norway. And now I also feel some embarrassment to still listen to my mum at the age of 45!

So this time, off we went with the comfortable feeling of having my knitting with me. Every knitter knows how you simply can’t deny that sudden urge. You just better be prepared when that happens, right?

I did some knitting, not much, and I will show you my FO later on.


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