And one for my sister

You know how it goes in a family. I made this Color Affection shawl as a birthday present for my mum. My mum was really really pleased and said she would cherish it. She especially appreciated “the handmade” of my gift. Like all sweet mums …

My sister. Could I make her one too?

No problem, I’d love it. But just to keep it interesting enough for me, here’s the deal.

She would give me a color range and I would chose the pattern and keep it as a surprise. Actually she liked Color Affection too, but having just finished the one for mum I couldn’t start another one so soon. Only after a year or so.

Her color choice: anything red, orange, purple. Apart or together, but that was part of the surprise.

I had several patterns in mind but finally ended up with Cameo by Paulina Popiolek.




I’m really pleased with how it worked out. The colors are a bit loud but I like that for summer. And it will look great on my sister with her very dark hair.

I used Mellifera yarn for the first time, a true delight. Very soft, light and it gives a nice drape to the shawl. I’m so happy there’s more of it in my stash.

If you have a Ravelry account, more pictures can be seen here.

Mellifera Yarns Single Socks
Nld 4mm


9 thoughts on “And one for my sister

  1. Gorgeous! I have done two of that pattern, but never did the lacework. But that was due to never having the right yardage when I started, so improvising was necessary. Now I think I must plan a third and do the pattern as is this time! LOL

  2. That is lovely!! I think I like it even better than Colour Affection. I must knit one of Paulina’s patterns… I have a couple in my library but still haven’t got around to them!

    • Thank you!
      It’s a hard choice between Color Affection and Paulina’s patterns. I suppose the combination of stripes and plane parts attracted me in both.
      I wouldn’t mind making a second one of both. Somehow they both call out for more than just one project.
      Oh and I totally agree about Paulina’s patterns, I’m a fan too.
      Happy knitting!

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