Attersee Test Knit

I was so pleased to test knit this beautiful shawl for Monie!


There is so much I like about it: the size, the color, the weight, the texture, and last but not least …. the ruffles!

I absolutely LOVE the ruffles!
The major part is quite simple with the texture and so the ruffles add that little something without overdoing it.
I love that little touch of frivolity.


It will make such a nice wrap for autumn and I’ll rather wear this for the first chilly days than a vest or a cardigan.


The color is really mysterious, neither blue or green and changing with the light. It’s hard to capture it in pictures but I finally managed to come close to reality.

The project is RAVELED HERE with more additional information.

The pattern will probably be released by the end of June or beginning of July.

Madelinetosh Sport
Nld 4 mm


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