I finally finished my Lopapeysa or Icelandic sweater.

I love Icelandic sweaters or in fact any knitwear with Scandinavian patterns.

I don’t mind the scratchiness of the yarn, I think that once you have it on you get used to it and it’s really nice and warm.

I already casted this one on in January and knit both the body and the sleeves until the underarm in no time.



But then I had to start the yoke, the fun part, the part that magically turns this sweater into an icelandic sweater.

I realized that I only ordered 5 different colors, whereas I needed 7 colors. Don’t ask me why.

I also realized that I would need more contrasting colors to bring forward the dark brown in the yoke.


Fortunately I had exactly what I needed: white and grey.

See, you always NEED to have an important stash in order to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances:) like this one.

I had to do some thinking to determine the order of the different colors, taking into account all the contrast.

It’s not as simple as it looks, especially when no exact examples are available.

So I tried some color combo’s on paper.

I knew I had no choice on the lower and upper band of the yoke since those had to be worked like the borders of the body and the sleeves.

I decided on the two center colors (white and red) and then used the same color order below and above the center lines.

The project is RAVELLED here with additional information.

The pattern is a free download!

Nld 4,5 mm (US 7)


13 thoughts on “Lopapeysa

    • LOL! Thank you so much! I do have a soft spot for scandinavian designs.
      It’s hard to believe, but I had a hard time to decide upon the colors or rather upon how to combine them. I’m happy with how it turned out.
      Happy week to you!

    • Thank you so much! It looks so simple to order the colors but it took me some time. It seemed like I was one of the few using a dark color for the flowers with a pale underground. Lots of others did the opposite. Anyway, I’m really happy about the result!
      Happy knitting!!

  1. As always you have created a wearable knitted dream! We are going to Iceland in less than two weeks for vacation and all I have dreamed of is buying yarn, riding horses and scoping out gorgeous sweaters.
    I agree once you are wearing this yarn, while a bit scratchy at first you get used to it, and the warmth is worth it. I accidentally felted one of my Dad’s as a teenager and have been reaping the benefits ever since.
    I am always wary of free patterns that no one really has tried, but I may have to give this one a go now that I see how well it worked for you!

    • Oh that’s such a nice comment! You can’t imagine how much I dream about going to Iceland one day for exactly the same reasons!
      I hope you will have a wonderful time and hopefully you’ll come back with loads of inspiration! (I’m sure you will!!)
      I agree with what you say about free patterns, but this one is worth it and there are plenty of projects on Ravelry!
      Have a wonderful vacation in Iceland and enjoy all the yarn, the knitting patterns, the hot water, the long days, OMG, it will be wonderful! Lucky girl!!

  2. Your lopapeysa is gorgeous !
    Very nice colour-combination. I love that part of a pattern when you take out the ruled notepaper and colourpencils. You have so many options.
    I can totally subscribe on the extra yarn in your stash-part. How did I do before I only hade just-in-time-stash ?

    • Ooohh thank you, I’ll always have a soft heart for anything scandinavian.
      And yes, stash is important, mine is clearly slowly but surely growing and growing every year, but I still need so much MORE!

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