FO Friday – Stormy weather

I was lucky having the chance to testknit this great sweater for Maarzi.

I made a few changes to make it more like me, like a bit of color and no cables at the sides.

This project is RAVELLED here with additional information.

I am very pleased about the result and my daughter is totally happy with it! I think it really looks great on her.


Recently I did a lot of very colorful projects – so much fun – but this time I felt I wanted/needed something more solid.

I still couldn’t help to add a bit of color though on the neck and sleeve borders.

I underestimated the work on this one because I used sock yarn, as in the description, and a needle size 3 mm (US 2.5), also as in the description.

My gauge was 28 stitches x 41 rows and so you’ll understand how slowly this one grew.

To be honest, it was a bit of a boring project to me. Stockinette stitch? I think I got it now:):) But as I said, I’m really happy with the result!



Again I had a surprise with the online ordering of a colorway called “Gothic”.

I expected to get a very dark grey and I got purple.

In retrospect, when I go back to the website I can see the purple shine now, but I can still see how one can think it’s dark grey.

And admittedly, the name doesn’t really help neither, it can perfectly go both ways.

But I don’t think those small risks from online ordering will stop me now!


The yarn is from Northbound Knitting. It’s very soft and it must be really ideal for socks (not for sweaters!). One skein still had a lot of white spots, as you can see in the lower part of the body. It’s a perfect example of how useful it can be to alternate two skeins…

Northbound Knitting – Superwash Merino Fingering
Nld size 3 mm (US 2.5)


31 thoughts on “FO Friday – Stormy weather

    • Ooohhh you’re so sweet.
      It was too hard for me not adding color and mainly working stockinette stitch. I simply had to do something to keep my interest going.
      My daughter will be very pleased when she hears that, perhaps I shouldn’t tell (smiley) (I can’t add smileys anymore with my computer, don’t know why).

  1. I love it! The sweater fits her beautifully and the purple color is perfect. I’m always afraid to order online because of the possibility of ending up with an unexpected color.

    I go onto Ravelry and check out dozens of projects using my desired yarn/colorway to make sure it’s what I want. It recently saved me from ending up with a bright blue when I was going for navy.

    • Thank you so much!
      You are so totally right! I order almost everything online, basically because I haven’t really found a LYS with high end yarns in my neighborhood. It’s an excellent idea to check the colorway and yarn the way you do it! It’s stupid that I don’t. I’ve already had a couple of surprises like this, and it’s more often a bad surprise than a good one 😦
      But this purple is okay with me. Image how it would’ve looked like in dark grey …

  2. It turned out beautifully! It’s not a style or a color I would choose on my own, but together they look great. I hear ya on the sock yarn for sweaters though….it’s slow going.

    • Thank you so much! I really appreciate your straightforward opinion, love that!
      Yes I agree, sock yarn for sweaters is not a good idea!
      Happy knitting!

    • ooohhh wow, it makes me really happy that I could inspire you.
      Thank you so much for linking my blog to yours, that is very kind of you.
      Wish you a lovely weekend with lots of inspiration and happy knitting!

    • Thank you for your sweet comment! It’s very hard for me only using one color, so I had to add a little more.
      My daughter is very pleased with it and believe me, she would tell if she wasn’t 🙂
      Enjoy your day!

  3. That is a lovely jumper, and I like the touch of not-too-contrasting colour. That would be a good pattern to knit if one needed some really easy, calming knitting to do!

  4. Hi February12,
    (for some reason, you fell out of the list of people I am following – It seems like an automated unfollow-thin, and I don’t understand why. Anyway, I am happy to visit you again.

    The sweater is lovely. I like the clean lines and the colour is gorgeous (I mark the name!)

    • Hi there and welcome again!
      Well, I had some strange and similar things with WordPress too that I don’t always understand. Anyway, I’m very happy to see you back. Your Brighton Unwind trip looks so wonderful, if I can perhaps I’ll go next year.
      Happy you like my daughter’s sweater. She loves it and is waiting for the weather to cool down.

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