Light grey structure

Sometimes small knitting miracles do happen.

When EVERYTHING (and you know lots can go wrong) works out the way you wanted it: the yarn, the drape, the color, the fit, the pattern, the instructions and last but not least that comfy and cozy feeling when you put in on … and again … and again.

IMG_2542 IMG_2556

I’m totally in love with it!

I used two yarns held together, Northbound knitting and Isager Alpaca 1. They made a very happy couple.

More details and pictures can be found on my Ravelry project page.

IMG_2499 IMG_2495

I admire Regina Moessmer for this design, I could not do this. I think textured sweaters must be amongst the most complicated patterns to design, because the mathematics need to be spot on! I was lucky to participate in the testknit of this beauty, so thank you Regina for making this one of my TOP favorites!!!

Goed begonnen.


23 thoughts on “Light grey structure

  1. Another beautiful sweater ! I really like the models you choose and the yarn you use – and this pattern (too) will go into my Ravelry queue. Wonderful!

    • Thank you! I can really recommend this pattern a lot, it takes just a little bit of concentration for the shoulder parts and after that it’s just TV knitting. Enjoy your day!

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