Holiday knitting

One of my New Year resolutions was to knit more small things. It’s nice to be able to finish a project in just a couple of days.

So far, I’ve finished 3 sweaters, 1 dress and 1 large shawl/wrap this year! Hmmmm, these haven’t been the quickies.

But I also finished a pair of slippers, I wrote about them here.

And today I’m happy and proud to show you a pair of socks and they fit so well!
There’s nothing I dislike more than a pair of bad fitting socks.

I always feel a bit uncomfortable about knitting socks.
Technically I can do it, I’ve made some before, but then always comes the fit.
But these babies are perfect and it’s a lovely feeling to put them on.




Last week we spent our Easter holidays at the “Ile de Ré”, a beautiful little island close to “La Rochelle” in France.
I’ve been wanting to make a new pair of socks for a long time and I thought it would be the ideal holiday project.

For me the ideal holiday knitting should be:
1. quick
2. mindless
3. small enough to be able to take it anywhere you go.

I’d already cast these on at home, only just the toe.

We had a long drive ahead of us for about 8 to 9 hours and so I’d finished almost one sock when we arrived.


I used the yarn I had naturally dyed up last September.

The weather has been fantastic, it felt like summer.
No sock weather at all and so my progress slowed down.

But isn’t
4. slow just another perfect condition to turn your knitting into the perfect holiday project 🙂



7 thoughts on “Holiday knitting

    • I like them too, but I’m not so confident as I am knitting sweaters. I’m not half as good as you are with socks, but I’ll keep practicing 🙂

    • Thank you for sharing this! I would like to make more of them, they are nice little projects and I love wearing them too. The sense of handmade socks is so different and feels very comfy. You use just 2,25 mm? I should try that. I did mine in 2,5mm and had 56 st. But I see most patterns have at least 60st.

      • I usually cast-on 64 stitches, going up or down a couple if necessary for cable or lace pattern, using fingering or sock weight yarn & my 2.25 mm dpns. Like my stitches really tiny 🙂

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