About Me

I was born in 1968 and I live in Belgium.

For as long as I can remember I love spending my spare time on three things : reading, knitting and nature. The order of importance may have varied overtime, but they’ve always made me happy.

This blog will be mostly about knitting. I can’t really remember how and who learned me to knit. It has always felt like a very natural thing to me. Recently it has become a true passion and I often get the feeling there are not enough hours in one day.

I also love reading literature and I love nature. I absolutely treasure these moments, because they offer me the silence and peacefulness I need.

The name of my blog is called after the most important day of my life and that’s the day my three kids were born. No, no triplets – luckily – but our twins were born on Febr12, a boy and girl, and two years later day by day, their little brother joined our family on Febr12 (he was due on February 16, but I guess he didn’t want to miss the party).

February Twelve is party time in our family!

Thank you so much for visiting and reading my blog, I hope you enjoy it. I love sharing my passions with you.


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I’m so glad you stopped by my blog, because now I can follow yours! Your knitting skills are far superior to mine, but I’m hoping to gain inspiration from you. Have a lovely day, and thank you!

  2. Hi! I noticed this blog somewhere on ravelry and I just had to see it. Because Feb 12 is an important date for me too. I live in Holland. Not so far from you then.

    • Really? February twelve is a very very very special day in my life and in the lives of the ones I love. Come back on … you know when … and I will explain and tell the story.๐Ÿ˜„
      Happy febr12
      I am happy I found a neighbor!

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! You have a lovely blog here, so glad I was able to discover it.Off to look at your lovely knits on Rav!

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