Daelyn Test

I was so happy I could test this beautiful sweater designed by Lilalu. All it’s beauty is in the simplicity. It’s what I like best!



More pictures and more information can be found on my Ravelry project page here.

Obviously I like the colorful knitworks too, a lot in fact, it makes the knitting so much fun. I love to play around with color and yarn and I often feel like a painter with needles instead of brushes. It’s a big part of what knitting is about for me.

It’s just, all these colorful things … I don’t wear them enough. Now I’m trying to chose more subtle, natural colors.


For this sweater I used French yarn called Masgot from Polo&Co. Here’s how Sylvie from Polo&Co describes this yarn:

Masgot is a natural yarn left undyed. This wool comes from one of the last French spinneries, it’s a rustic wool.

I agree with the “rustic”, it’s a good description. It’s not itchy though, not like icelandic yarn for example. At first I was a bit worried about this yarn because it has little drape. It’s the kind of yarn you don’t fall in love with immediately, but you slowly get to understand and appreciate it. I would definitely use it again! My hesitations about this yarn were unjustified, and I think this yarn and this pattern turned out to be very happy together. I’ve been wearing this sweater a lot. I’m so happy I have more of this Masgot in my stash, in a lovely watery green.

Sylvie gave me some good advice on how to wash it and how to soften it up. She puts hers in a softening liquid for about 2 hours. After that it can go into the washing machine using a wool program. The wool program should have low spinning turns. Mine can go down to 400 turns per minute and on cold temperature by preference. Obviously handwash will always do.


Masgot by Polo&Co, “Grès”
Nld 4 and 4,5 mm


About yokes: new ones and 30 years old ones

I have a soft spot for stranded yokes and nordic designs. They often come togeter.

For some reason they always catch my eye, whether it’s on Ravelry, in a shop, on the street, I’ll NEVER miss them.

Surprisingly I’ve passed this love on to my son. When we’re out shopping, I can just tell he’ll walk straight to the stranded sweaters, preferably in traditional colors of navy blue, red, white and grey.


Recently I was very pleased when he asked me to make him one of these stranded sweaters. Oh, how much I enjoyed the moment of chosing the pattern and the colors together and I was surprised to see how cooperative he was … I mean for a 17 year old … right!

So here it is, his very own Grettir worked with Cascade 220. He’s very pleased about it and I’m really pleased about how the fit looks on him.



Talking about stranded yokes.

About two years ago my mother gave me this sweater. I was only 15 (!) when I made this and I can still remember how excited I was about finally starting the yoke. See, I already liked these yokes then and this love has never gone away.

This is probably the very first sweater I finished completely on my own, just reading the instructions from the pattern.



Back and front parts were knit flat and so were the sleeves. We weren’t knitting in the round in those days, except for the yokes of course. The seams at the underarm look a bit messy, but I think the yoke looks pretty good for a total beginner.

When I look back at this now I think it’s quite unusual and impressive for a 15 year old girl. Well, of course there was much more knitting going on then than today, so perhaps it wasn’t unusual at all. In any case, I couldn’t imagine my daughter doing this now.

My mother kept it as a treasure for more than 30 years, safely wrapped in a transparent plastic bag. My mother really isn’t the kind of person who endlessly holds on to things, really she’s NOT. More often she will happily toss things as much as she can.
But she could never throw this one. Isn’t this sweet and I think it’s nice to know how much she values this too.

I’m on a massive clean-up project here, so even if I kept it (still in the same plastic bag) for another two years, it will finally have to go. But not before sharing a last picture with you guys.

Bye bye sweet sweater!

Thank you for having been around so long and for installing a never lasting love for knitting, yarn, colors and yokes in my heart.

Such a Winter’s Day

I absolutely wanted to finish all of my WIP’s before the year is over. I know, sometimes I can become a bit of a maniac.

It’s a first Heidi Kirrmaier design for me and I have never followed a pattern that was so clear and mathematically correct. The fit is absolutely perfect!

I used Holst Garn for a first time. Next time I would wash it first before using because my hands came out blue everytime and I even had to protect my clothes. When this sweater was finished I gave it a gentle soak and the water turned totally blue.

But it’s just a miracle how my sweater totally softened up after washing it.



My daughter is my favorite customer : she’s very grateful and she’s also critical about it.

She’s able to tell me exactly what she wants in terms of yarn, color, fit.

And last but not least she’s always a willing model 🙂

Heidi Kirrmaier is such a talented designer and I love the perfectly designed details like the side slits and the shaping of the neck.

More pictures and more detailed information can be found on my Ravelry page here.



Holst Garn Supersoft Uld
Nld 4,5 mm

Testing FF Backward for Alfaknits

As a Belgian I was so pleased and proud to be able to testknit this beauty for a Belgian designer.

Please prove me wrong, but I always get the feeling that the Belgian knitting scene is rather small when it comes to designers and high-end yarn brands and I regret that.

I envy some of you guys who seem to be living in knitting paradises like the UK, States, Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia and closer to home Germany and France.

But okay, we might not have many designers but Anne from Alfaknits is just a wonderful designer. She’s a graphic designer and that shows in her designs.

Thanks Anne so much for having me as a tester!

The pattern will be released very soon, around October 15! Don’t miss it.

I used Drops Baby Alpaca & Silk. It’s a Norwegian brand but I ordered it in Belgium.
See, I’m trying hard to go Belgian but it’s difficult to go all the way when you live in a small country.


Another thing I like about Anne’s designs are their versatility. It’s my favorite kind of knitting because it keeps my interest going.

I decided to add striping in the back. You can take a look at my Ravelry project page for more pictures but please also take a look at other people’s project just to see how different and great they all became.



DROPS Baby Alpaca & Silk
Needle size 3mm

FO Friday – Stormy weather

I was lucky having the chance to testknit this great sweater for Maarzi.

I made a few changes to make it more like me, like a bit of color and no cables at the sides.

This project is RAVELLED here with additional information.

I am very pleased about the result and my daughter is totally happy with it! I think it really looks great on her.


Recently I did a lot of very colorful projects – so much fun – but this time I felt I wanted/needed something more solid.

I still couldn’t help to add a bit of color though on the neck and sleeve borders.

I underestimated the work on this one because I used sock yarn, as in the description, and a needle size 3 mm (US 2.5), also as in the description.

My gauge was 28 stitches x 41 rows and so you’ll understand how slowly this one grew.

To be honest, it was a bit of a boring project to me. Stockinette stitch? I think I got it now:):) But as I said, I’m really happy with the result!



Again I had a surprise with the online ordering of a colorway called “Gothic”.

I expected to get a very dark grey and I got purple.

In retrospect, when I go back to the website I can see the purple shine now, but I can still see how one can think it’s dark grey.

And admittedly, the name doesn’t really help neither, it can perfectly go both ways.

But I don’t think those small risks from online ordering will stop me now!


The yarn is from Northbound Knitting. It’s very soft and it must be really ideal for socks (not for sweaters!). One skein still had a lot of white spots, as you can see in the lower part of the body. It’s a perfect example of how useful it can be to alternate two skeins…

Northbound Knitting – Superwash Merino Fingering
Nld size 3 mm (US 2.5)


I finally finished my Lopapeysa or Icelandic sweater.

I love Icelandic sweaters or in fact any knitwear with Scandinavian patterns.

I don’t mind the scratchiness of the yarn, I think that once you have it on you get used to it and it’s really nice and warm.

I already casted this one on in January and knit both the body and the sleeves until the underarm in no time.



But then I had to start the yoke, the fun part, the part that magically turns this sweater into an icelandic sweater.

I realized that I only ordered 5 different colors, whereas I needed 7 colors. Don’t ask me why.

I also realized that I would need more contrasting colors to bring forward the dark brown in the yoke.


Fortunately I had exactly what I needed: white and grey.

See, you always NEED to have an important stash in order to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances:) like this one.

I had to do some thinking to determine the order of the different colors, taking into account all the contrast.

It’s not as simple as it looks, especially when no exact examples are available.

So I tried some color combo’s on paper.

I knew I had no choice on the lower and upper band of the yoke since those had to be worked like the borders of the body and the sleeves.

I decided on the two center colors (white and red) and then used the same color order below and above the center lines.

The project is RAVELLED here with additional information.

The pattern is a free download!

Nld 4,5 mm (US 7)

Midsummer Travel

I’m so excited about my latest Stephen West project “REIS”, which means trip or travel in Dutch.

As soon as this pattern was released months ago I couldn’t stop myself going back to it, over and over again.

I thought I would probably enjoy it as much as I did my Enchanted Mesa.

And yes, I confirm, all I had was great fun!

The project is RAVELLED here with additional information.




I love playing around with yarn and color. I used a total of 18 different yarns! The sweater is supposed to be worked in DK. I didn’t have enough of that so I used fingering and sock weight yarns held together and played around with the combinations.

When so many different colors are involved in one project, I always find it challenging to find a right balance between keeping the colors interesting enough without overdoing it.

I just followed my intuition as I went along and hoped it would all come together in the end.

For the body I mainly used blues and pinks in all varieties and for the sleeves I mainly used grey and blues. I added small spots of yellow & green in order to break the other colors.